About Us…


We are a company created in 2005 with more than 30 years of experience in the Management, Development, Organizational and Technological Consulting areas in Portugal and in the United States, which set out to create client conditions for Organizational and Technological Objectives, without the pressure of brands, products or agreements with third parties. That’s why we maintain our Independence and Objectivity when we work with our Customers and targeted Solutions for their needs…


We are a team, oriented to the needs of our Customers, producing Quantitative and Qualitative Benefits, implemented during and in accordance with the requirements of the Project, always working in Partnership with the Client, consolidating the Organizational Processes, helping to Define Requirements, managing effectively the Implementation of Process Improvements

Areas of Activity

Throughout our experience, we have worked in conjunction with a variety of customers in various markets and sectors…

  • Services: Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance, Transportation, Distribution, Customer Support, Health, Technology, Hardware, Software.
  • Industry: Technology, Metal, Graphic, Textile, Transformation.
  • Commercial: Wholesale, Distribution, Retail, Food, Automobile, Building Material.
  • Import/Export: Matching Client needs to Supplier capabilities creating conditions to obtain better prices in commercial and industrial goods.