Import/Export Balance Sheet


In the few short months of our new venture we have been able to provide some successful commodities operations, which totals are here reported:

32.000 Metric Tons of CDRO Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil

22.500 Metric Tons of RSFO Refined Sunflower Oil

10.000 Metric Tons of CU Copper Cathodes 99.9%

12.000 Metric Tons of Tin 99.9%

50.000 Metric Tons of Prilled Urea

15 of September of 2016 by CC


Orgtec Consulting has begun a new business area in the Import/Export business for commercial and industrial consumer goods.

This new business venture will allow us to negotiate with Clients and Suppliers in various markets obtaining high volume buy and sell conditions that will allow our Clients to obtain a scalable value for their needs.

5 de Maio de 2016 by CC

Orgtec’s Consulting 10th Aniversary

Thanks for all the congratulations on Orgtec’s Consulting 10th Aniversary.  Many thanks to all Contacts and Clients that have supported us through these elaborate times

4 de Janeiro de 2016 by CC